22 A/B tests to improve your Lead Generation


Campaign Automation

  1. Test different wait times between two actions

  2. Try different combinations of user’s behavior steps combining simpler steps and more advanced step.

  3. Test different programs to achieve the same result (ie coupon vs. discount to buy one product)

  4. Test different touchpoints (email opens/clicks or visit time) to see which performs better


Call to Action and form

  1. Test different colors, sizes and positions of your CTA

  2. Test a moving CTA (that follows the user while he checks the page) vs. a static CTA

  3. Change the text of your CTA (ie Buy now! vs. Add to Cart)

  4. Try using different fields to ask for different information

  5. Vary the number of required fields in forms

  6. Find out which info users are more reluctant to provide varying which fields are mandatory



  1. Change the length and copy of the title

  2. Test graphic email vs. text only

  3. Test changing the position of images

  4. Test personalized email (with references to user’s name or personal data) vs. generic emails (impersonal)

  5. Try communicating differently with users who have a high level of engagement (more personalized one-to-one emails) vs. disengaged users (focused on engaging the user through graphics, copy and CTA)

  6. Change delivery times sending on different days and at different hours


Landing Page & Website

  1. Test several titles and headlines

  2. Change the graphic setup of the page

  3. Test different menus configurations (horizontal vs. vertical) and the order of menu items

  4. Don’t stop at email, you can test two completely different landing pages for users with a high level of engagement vs. disengaged users

  5. Try different versions of your mobile website, changing the size and position of text and graphics

  6. Try a landing page with a live chat (either active or inactive) vs. a page with no support



To improve the effectiveness of your lead generation campaign don’t just test, but check whether to the type of campaign you are proposing is appropriate to your target.