8 B2B Lead Nurturing Email Programs


A good lead nurturing strategy, over time leads to loyal customers and leads more likely to buy.



Here are eight nurturing programs you can use in the short and medium-long term.


Short Term


Welcome Program


This programs helps you to acquire information and communicate effectively with first time users. These are the users who interact for the first time with your company and what you have to say. The first step is to create a form for visitors to receive something of value (a report, video, infographics, etc ..) that talks about issues for which your company can offer specific solutions, in exchange for their email address. In the days following the programs you will provide emails with links to blog articles and other promotional material. This way the user will learn about the services you offer and your level of expertise, and at the same time you will gain useful information such as what interests the user the most and by the end of the Welcome programs, which shouldn’t be that long, measure the leads’ level of engagement. Usually, leads with higher levels of engagement are moved to the Active lead sales programs, while all the others end up in the Long term nurturing programs (see below).


Active lead sales

This programs uses a high level of engagement. It’s important to remember that not all active leads are qualified for sale and all the necessary info must be checked before assigning them to commercial. You can quickly acquire the missing data by giving the user the chance to access, through a second form, to more advanced content such as a webinar or a whitepaper. The next steps should be used to direct the lead to your offer and, once again by checking the users’ level of engagement, decide when to pass each contact to the sales force. Paying attention to align marketing and sales is key: finding the correct time to start a negotiation means turning more leads into customers.


Event management

This programs consists in the promotion, registration and planning of followup activities linked to events, webinars or fairs. In the organizational and promotional phase reminders are key to increase the number of participants. Once the event ended, a thank you email is sent to the participants from which they can access, for example, registrations of the sessions and download the speakers’ slides. In the following days you can send emails in which the event topics are discussed even more in depth, from a different perspective, or other general material regarding the event. This is done to keep the engagement high and focused on the event even after the sessions are over.


Trial version

Companies that can offer a service for free for a limited period, or send the sample to the potential customer of a product, are proven to convert leads into sales more easily. This programs encompasses all the phases, which generally are:

• request trial form

• sending data necessary to use the service or product testing (access info or instructions)

• suggestions on the best use of the service or product

• feedback request on the users’ level of satisfaction

• reminder in case the trial version has been requested but not actually tried

• reminder to subscribe to the regular service at the end of the trial version or to place an order for the product delivery

• followup with promotional offer (or extension of the trial period) if the regular service is not renewed




Long term nurturing

This programs is to be used when a lead isn’t very responding and won’t give you enough information to kickstart marketing plan for him. When this happens, sending frequent communications can harm your marketing. Instead, this programs has the purpose to keep the relationship alive without being actively “annoying”, and consists in sending 2 to 6 communications every 3 months waiting for the lead to qualify to enter into other programs.


Recovery Program

This programs covers all the leads that have chosen one of your competitors: you can communicate professionally and with educational purpose what are the benefits of your solutions and why they should give up their current provider and choose your company. If at the end of the programs you have not achieved tangible results you can go back using a Long term nurturing programs.



This programs regards a service renewal and it’s pretty similar to the programs previously shown. This is only simpler to implement since you don’t have to do any guesswork, since the user has already used the product, didn’t cancel the subscription, and you know exactly when his current service will expire, so you can act at the correct time. A good practice is to offer a discount or a gift if the renewal is made before the deadline. Titles such as “Renew Before …” or call-to-action such as “Act Now!” or “Renew Now” are widely used by marketers in these programs.



This programs is used to check the level of satisfaction of a customer after he made a purchase. This allows you to improve customer service, provides input to improve product quality and impact on customer retention. Sending a questionnaire asking for a review on the product (or service) strengthens your brand awareness, and leaves you with valuable information that could be used in future programs that affect the customer life cycle.