Deliverability: 7 ways to increase your Email Reputation



For years now, major email providers like Gmail and Hotmail have been waging “the War on spam”.


However, real progress has only been achieved recently, thanks to the involvement of the final user – who receives the emails – in the anti-spam algorithms: the latter get more and more refined every time a message is labeled as undesirable by the user.


Therefore, simple technical optimization cheats and tricks aren’t enough anymore to have a good email reputation: what you need instead is a strategy where content has value instead of using emails as a tool to harass the customer. Finally, commercial offers should be sent only when the user shows interest in receiving them.


A sender with low reputation can easily end in a blacklist. But getting out out of a blacklist is not as easy: it can take several days, during which the email marketing suffers a partial or total block on emails. Here is a tool to check if your domain is in a blacklist.


Here at wixab we decided to collect 7 tips to help you improve your email reputation, reducing the number of users who decide to label your email as spam, avoiding (or at least minimizing) the chance of ending up blacklisted.


1. Build a relationship

If a subscriber is contacted too often without him getting value in return, he can get annoyed and blacklist you as “sender non grato”. But, on the other hand, if a subscriber is contacted too rarely he will forget who you are, what your company does, why he subscribed in the first place. And he ends up blacklisting you just the same. That’s why building a relationship with the user is the first step to have a high level of email reputation. You have to not only pay attention to the gap between two emails but also to the type of content you send.


2. Double Opt-In

Double opt-in consists in sending the user who opted-in your list an opening email with a confirmation link. Through this link he can confirm his registration, and only then will be able to receive emails. This system minimizes bounces and prevents unauthorized user registrations. To ensure that the registration process will be completed, make it so the user has value in actually opting-in: offer a coupon, a report or other material useful to the user.


3. Do not include attachments

Many vendors that offer email marketing services consider the ability to add attachments to an email a value added service. What they completely ignore is that sending emails with attachments means increasing your chances of ending up in a blacklist.


4. Ask the user to add you in his whitelist

On many providers the user plays a vital role in the process of spam rating. Actively ask users to add your email to their whitelist, as this means increasing your reputation and thus reducing spam risk. If you send content that has value, you will see that many users are happy to comply with your request in order to receive your emails.


5. Check your reputation constantly and intervene right away

Constantly checking your email reputation allows you to take action rapidly when you start to see signs of trouble. With Wixab this activity becomes easy: you will be notified in time, will be able to see the causes and act accordingly.


6. Do not use all-caps titles and risky words

Do not use all-caps titles or even sentences inside the email, even more so if associated with risky words like “free”, “porn”, “viagra”, “win”, etc. If you use these words you are paving your way to the blacklist.


7. Send what your user wants, not what your company wants

For this, it’s crucial to segment customers in order to send content closer to the individual user’s preferences. An example: you sent a series of four emails, the first two on a specific topic and the last two on another topic. Using your metrics, you discover that a user has opened the first two emails but did not open the last two. This means that the user belongs to the first segment but not the second, and you will keep sending him content regarding his own preferred segment. A customer who keeps receiving content that interests him can easily add you to their whitelist, and he won’t blacklist you.


With Wixab, thanks to behavioral marketing, you can implement automated series and increase the email reputation and your open rate.